Event Organizer

Bookzy is free for event organizers of all sizes. We could handle events from as small as 50 to 500,000 participants with world-class cloud service. We provide free booking service with convenience payments; credit card and money transfer. We accept VISA and Mastercard. Money transfer from KBank, BBL, SCB, KTB, BAY. You get real-time report. No need to match payment slip with booking, check-in using QR Code for fast and easy registration.

Free Booking

You could have booking ready within hours for free.

No Payment Fee

No transaction fee for money transfer. Credit card fee is charged from bank.

QR Code Check-In

You will have an application to scan QR Code from booking for fast and easy check-in.

World-Class Service

No more problem from checking payment slips manually. We could handle up-to 500,000 registrants for an event.


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